25 Years of Sideline Swing

Wow! The band has been making Christchurch swing for almost 25 years already! To celebrate this, we will be having a special concert and party, in which we will include as many past members as we can round up.

Keep an eye on our facebook page for more information, or email events at sidelineswing.co.nz if you want to join in.

We want you!

While Sideline Swing are always open to interest from potential new members, sometimes we have very specific gaps to fill.

With a heavy heart, one of our longest standing members (Charles) has left Sideline Swing to pursue new and exciting musical endeavours. His is a big seat to fill but we need a guitarist.

If you play a mean rhythm guitar, can solo if needed (including a bit of improvisation at times), and can read music (not tabs, sorry), and can commit to 2 hours on a Thursday night and the odd gig, get in touch with us today.