And it’s about 95% done

We now have an extensive repertoire list up, and an events page with a calendar of upcoming (and eventually past) events. Just a history page and sample set lists to put together.  🙂

Have I forgotten anything?

The new site is up and almost running

Hi everyone and welcome to Sideline Swing’s new website.

I had some hosting issues with the old Sideline Swing site so ended up losing everything about 8 months ago. I have finally managed to find some time to build a new site and here it is! The content is still a work in progress, but I promise to keep plugging away at it.

Did you notice the amazing photos on the front page? A very talented young photographer took most of those at an event last year (The Red Velvet Showcase at the Dark Room). I had all of his details to give him appropriate credit but lost them when I lost the old site. If you know who it was please pass on his information as I would love to credit his work and put a link to his webpage(s).

If you have photos, videos, or recordings of the band that you wouldn’t mind us using (with appropriate credit given of course), please drop me a line (my email is linked in the footer, or you can use the contact page). Of course, you could leave a comment below too.